Bahrain t-shirts for b̶d̶ 1̶5̶ bd 5 only!


1. How much are the t-shirts?
1 t-shirt: 20BD
2 t-shirts: 35BD

2. How do we pay?
BenefitPay (36474717) or cash on delivery.

3. What's the material of the t-shirts?
Breathable 100% premium cotton

4. What’s the length of the embroidery?
4.5 inches

5. Do the embroidery designs come in other t-shirt colors?
No, we picked a t-shirt color for each design. This is to ensure that the embroidery designs show very clearly and don’t clash with the t-shirt color.

6. What's the fit of the t-shirts?
The t-shirt cut is a classic fit, making sure you feel comfortable when wearing it. it has a broader cut across the shoulders and sides, creating a clean, confident appearance. the dimensions of the sizes are as follows:

Shoulders: 16.5 inches
Chest: 18 inches
Length: 27 inches

Shoulders: 18.5 inches
Chest: 20inches
Length: 28 inches

Shoulders: 20 inches
Chest: 23inches
Length: 29 inches

7. Do we offer international shipping?
International shipping can be arranged, we ship your order via Aramex. The cost and time differs based on where we ship. the payment can be accepted via direct transfer on PayPal. please DM us, we’ll be happy to provide more information and assist you further!