Bahrain t-shirts for b̶d̶ 1̶5̶ bd 5 only!

Our Story

As a kid growing up with 2 brothers (and a sister with a great sense of style!), a lot of the activities we did together revolved around sports, football in particular. I’d watch my brothers watch games and celebrate goals as if they scored. Similarly in school with friends, whenever we got a chance we’d always play football, before school, during breaks and after school.

I grew up with all this, I quickly understood what football is all about, passion and emotion. Soon enough I became a passionate football fan myself. I fell in love with a team and rarely missed a game since I was boy. I would also watch all important games from Europe’s top leagues and of course the Champions League whenever I can. I witnessed a lot of amazing magical moments. Be it the moment that sealed the cup, the moment that the team won in the dying seconds of extra time or a moment of pure genius and sheer brilliance from a player. “That moment” is a moment that football fans around the world would always appreciate and would like to be associated with. For me these moments makes football special; the beautiful game; the most popular sport.

Fans will forever remember these moments and hold dearly to their hearts and will always feel proud about.

And this is what “UNREAL” is all about!

We created amazing embroidery of iconic football moments, we then chose premium fabric and along with a team of fashion experts designed a uniquely impeccable t-shirt concept that football fans would love to wear!

Thank you for your support!

The UNREAL team.